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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My weight Loss Plan

Day 8 of my weight loss attempt and I’m still seeing the numbers going down on my scale. I’ve lost 3 pounds so far, which I feel is a pretty good number! What has worked for me so far, I’ve cut down on sweets, yes cut down. I still allow myself a piece or two of chocolate a day! I am snacking on things like, Cheese Its, Quaker Rice Cakes, and chocolate animal crackers. I have replaced regular potato chips with tortilla chips, and wheat thins. I am putting myself in situations where I can’t eat or munch, which helps a lot.  A huge motivator for me is the scale. I get on every day and if the number goes down it helps me to keep up the work, but if the number goes up I think about where I might have gone wrong the day before and try to change it. I also consider the time of day and amount of clothing I’m wearing too. I know this won’t work forever because at some point the number is going to stop going down, but it helps now and then I will set a weight that I am happy at and when I see that number I’ll feel great, if not, well time to cut back. This is my lifestyle change, not my diet!

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  1. Me, too, Jenn- a life style change is what everyone needs if they are carrying those extra pounds. I admire you and Tina for eating and preparing such healthy foods for your family!!