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Happy Valentines Day

The next holiday is upon us .. check in for some neat treats and gifts for Valentines Day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentines gifts

Make your own bath salts
Epsom Salts
Food Coloring
Essential Oils or Perfumes
Jars or Bottles
Combine enough salt to fit in jar or bottle with food coloring. Mix well till color is evenly distributed. Then add oil or perfume and mix well again. Spread mixture on wax paper and let dry for a couple hours. Then place in jar and seal. This works best if made and then set for a couple of weeks to let the oils or perfumes really infuse with the salt. Also a neat idea to gift these is to use a canning jar and then place a nice piece of fabric under the lid to cover the top of the jar and add a nice touch.


  1. NO, no food coloring!!

    You can find pink himalayan salts to use, then maybe add some dry rose buds for more color, but those dyes go right through our skin and can't be good for us!

    I love the idea though Jen. So easy to make and creative. You can also experiment with sugar scrubs :)

  2. You know i was wondering how that is for the skin.. probably better off leaving it white.. and using a nice oil. .i wonder if there is an alternative found at the health food store!! maybe i'll have to check.. i didnt like the food coloring either.. for instace what if someone used blue.. would you get out of the tub and be BLUE..?