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Happy Valentines Day

The next holiday is upon us .. check in for some neat treats and gifts for Valentines Day!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Valentines Cupids Arrows

Here’s a great craft for kids to use as their valentines or to use themselves!
What you need
Valentine’s Pencils
Multi colored feathers
Valentines confetti or glitter
Take pencil and sharpen then use a toothpick to drill a small hole into the eraser. Take a feather and dip in glue then place in predrilled hole. Cut a heart shape out of the card stock and decorate with Valentines confetti or glitter. Then put a strip of glue down the middle of the heart and small dabs on the arches of the heart. Attach the bottom of the heart to the pencil and the arches to the feather. Let dry. You could also attach a card that says your Valentine message!

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